About Mardou Jacobs

Mardou Jacobs (1962) has worked in the Dutch film industry since 1984 as an independent executive- and line-producer on features, television films, and series of different sizes and formats. Currently serving as the CEO of the Dutch Organization for Professional Film-, Television-, and New Media Makers, she has worked with different directors over the years such as Erik Oosthoek (Saint-Amour), Martin Koolhoven (Suzy Q), Rudolf van den Berg (Suskind), Dick Maas (Prey), Paul Verhoeven (Tricked), and the late Theo van Gogh (06/05, Media, Cool). In 2006 Mardou finished a master’s in Social Psychology, with the experimental research on the influence of feature films on prejudice and attitudes towards minorities. The results were promising and a paper was published in March of 2010.

Through the results of her research, she discovered different possibilities for financing features and TV programs, but only if the subject of the story is focused enough on the subject of diversity.


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