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Personal information

Mardou Jacobs
Born: 12.19.1962, Amsterdam
Degree: 2006: University of Amsterdam, MA Social Psychology
1984: Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam: VWO


Relevant work experience

  • (Line) Producer (see filmography)
  • Board member NBF (Dutch Association of Film and TV makers)
  • Teacher masterclass Production Dutch Film and Television Academy


  • CEO NBF (Dutch Association of Film and TV makers)
  • Board member Dutch Film Federation
  • Member of advice committee Dutch Film Fund

2007 – 2008

  • Interim manager NBF (Dutch Association of Film and TV makers)
  • Board Member Dutch Film Federation
  • Delegated producer for New Haven Productions. Production of Life program Film1 during the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles, and Rene Mioch Bridget Maasland.
  • Teacher masterclass Production Dutch Film and Television Academy.

2006 – 2007

  • Business manager / producer AllAboutUs movie factory, a foundation that distinguishes itself in terms of media education and whose mission is to make youth acquainted with making films and documentaries in particular, gives workshops where young people tell their own story with use of film in close cooperation with artistic director / director Anna Spohr.

2005 – 2007

  • Boardmember (secretary) NBF (Dutch Association of Film and TV makers)

1992 – 2007

  • Independent (line) producer No Fear Productions Ltd (see filmpgraphy)
  • Production & applied computer training courses at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam and the Media Academy in Hilversum.
  • Private training courses and production and applied computer programs.

1984 – present

  • Freelance line- and co-producer, production management, consulting for production of feature films, television films and series of different sizes, with different directors like 06/05, Medea and Cool with late director Theo van Gogh, Saint-Amour with Eric Oosthoek Suzy Q with director Martin Koolhoven. Predominantly for public broadcasters. 

Filmography (1984 – present)

In development as producer
  • Bel Ami – Paul Verhoeven (series)
  • Hamartía: More or Less Louis van Gasteren – Rudolf van den Berg (documentary)
Drama, line-producer
  • Baptiste – producer: BBC (series, BBC One)
  • Het leven is vurrukkulluk – Frans Weisz (feature)
  • Celblok H, season 4 – producer: Fiction Valley (series, SBS, Net5)
  • A real Vermeer – Rudolf van den Berg (feature)
  • Prey – Dick Maas (feature)
  • Lucia de B – Paula van der Oest (feature)
  • Tricked- Paul Verhoeven (feature + documentary)
  • Süskind – Rudolf v.d. Berg (feature)
  • Tirza- Rudolf v.d. Berg (feature)
  • Film1 Oscar News & Film1 Oscar Night – New Haven/Film1 (live from LA)
  • Dalziel and Pascoe – producer: – Shooting Star Film Comp, (series, BBC, KRO)
  • 6 minutes – Allard Bekker (series, AVRO)
  • Cool – Theo van Gogh (film)
  • Medea – Theo van Gogh (series, AVRO)
  • 06/05 – Theo van Gogh (feature)
  • Erekwestie – Theo van Gogh (single play, VARA)
  • I love you too – Ruud van Hemert (feature)
  • Saint Amour – Eric Oosthoek (telefilm, Ikon)
  • In het belang van de staat – Theo van Gogh (single play, VARA)
  • Suzy Q – Martin Koolhoven (telefilm, VPRO)
  • Au – Theo van Gogh (Series, Achmea)
  • Nosmo King – Gerrard Verhage & Annick Vroom (Series, NPS)
  • Mooie meisjesmond – Marion Bloem (teaser)
  • A Gallery – Theo van Gogh, January Keja, Casper Verbrugge,Willy de Greef & Cees van Ede (series, NPS)
Drama, production management, production consultant
  • Feestje – Ruud van Hemert (feature)
  • De Pijnbank – Theo van Gogh (film)
  • Blind Date – Theo van Gogh (film)
  • Alpha Albatros– TV-2000, Germany (Series)
  • Peter Strohm – N.D.R. Germany (series)
  • Sporen – Marianna Thicker (single play, NPS)
  • Honneponnetje – Ruud van Hemert (feature)
  • Op Hoop van Zegen – Guido Pieters (feature)
  • The Dream – Pieter Verhoeff (feature)
Drama, location management
  • Kracht- Frouke Fokkema (feature)
  • Van der Valk- producer: Elmgate, Chris Burt (series, BBC)
  • Vincent & Theo – Robert Altman (series, NPS)
  • The Evenings – Rudolf van den Berg (feature)
  • Don Donkersloot – Jan Keja (series, Ikon)
  • The river where I swam – Eric Oosthoek (series, Ikon)
  • The man who drowned 2x – producer: Tom Burghard (pilot, Vara)
  • Julia’s Secret – Hans Hylkema (series)
  • Looking for Eileen – Rudolf van den Berg (feature)
  • Maria – Peter Jan Rens (feature)

Commercials, corporate films and others, as (line) producer, nationally and internationally including Heineken, MacDonald, Etos / Ahold, Sugar Union, The Nagasaki Holland Village and more  for various national and international clients.


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