About me

Mardou Jacobs is working as a professional in film business since 1984. Started in production she developed her skills being an independent executive- and line-producer of features, television films and series of different sizes and formats, with directors like Rudolf van den Berg for Tirza and Süskind, late director Theo van Gogh for 06/05, Medea and Cool, Paul Verhoeven on Tricked and the Entertainment Experience and Martin Koolhoven on Suzy Q. Currently working as producer with Willy Lindwer for a feature length documentary Lost City where they interview holocaust survivors about their childhood memories of the journey by tram from their houses in Amsterdam to the train stations. Co-producing with Staccato Films on several documentary and drama productions in Suriname,and developing a series with Paul Verhoeven based on Bel Ami from Guy de Maupassant.

Besides working she finished a master study in social psychology on an experimental research in2006 about the influence of a feature on prejudice and attitudes towards minorities. The results were promising, and the papers was published in March 2010. She also did research on “Movies and television programs and the reduction of stereotypes and prejudices”. With the results of research, she found different possibilities for financing features and TV programs, but only if the story is about a specific subject.

Mardou is also CEO of the NBF, the Dutch organization for professional film-, television- and new media makers and active in several boards and advice committees for filmmakers.

Founded in 1986 No Fear Productions has a long experience producing, co-producing and executive-producing national and international features and television-drama. Now cooperating with No Fear Foundation, also based in Amsterdam, social and cultural relevant productions are being developed. Like the names of the companies already suggests, with no fear for challenges.